Hello! My name is Ruvindi and I am currently a student of digital marketing. This blog aims to explore the latest innovations and issues in the digital world.


User Generated Content & Its Unexpected Power

User-generated content (UGC ) includes photos, videos, comments and reviews about a brand or its offerings,  posted by unpaid contributors, onto social pages or online forums. It’s believed to increase brand awareness, strengthen product promotion and can boost credibility. Seems like a no brainer, right? Well, historically, there’s been very little research done to back […]

Podcasts Are Having A Moment

After 16 years, Podcasts are finally stepping into the limelight. With an anticipated 2020 revenue of US$1 billion, the industry is growing out of its ‘niche’ label and entering the mainstream. This is mainly due to better content that feeds consumer appetite for educational and entertaining content and the ease of access delivered by smartphones. […]

Digital Brand Mascots – More Than Just Pixels

Brand mascots have always been something I’ve associated with the past– childhood memories of Toucan Sam on a box of Fruit Loops or Ronald McDonald battling with Hamburglar. However, I’m learning that brand mascots are just as relevant today and can be even more impactful in marketing campaigns due to digital technology. These characters are […]

Simplified Insurance – A Dream or Reality?

The insurance industry is one of the oldest and most traditional – often clouded with negative publicity and general public distrust. That’s why Insurtech start-ups are setting out to inspire change in the sector by making insurance more accessible. The objectives of these firms are to be simple, transparent and personalised. Digital technologies like AI, machine […]

Netflix – A Masterclass in Personalisation

As COVID-19 brings the world to a standstill, many of us are self-isolating, often turning to streaming services for entertainment. From Netflix to new arrival Disney+, our choices are abundant. In such a content rich world, how do streaming platforms work to ease the burden? Netflix found that the biggest influence over what we watch […]